Monday, June 7, 2010

{New BLog} & Rain

 YEA!!! It is finally done!! I am so excited to share my new blog with you all.  It looks perfect and I would not change a thing about it, I have been working hard to make it all mine.  Come take a look! I will not be updating this blog any more. So be sure to become a fan of my new blog!  A big thanks to all my clients who let me use their pictures for my blog!

Last Post ... Rain

Minnesota in the spring can be very rainy.  This year I decided to get the kids some rain gear. It has been nice not to be trapped in our house during these long wet days.  Hannah absolutely loved being in the rain and not getting wet! ( as she put it)  She jumped in every puddle she could find.  It was cute to see her so excited about it.  I took these pictures in my front yard since Porter was sleeping I could not leave.  Next time I think that it would be fun to go to a big open field. 

Rain drop anyone?