Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trip to Idaho

We spent 4 days unpacking at our new home in Murray then went srtaight to Idaho to visit the family. We had so much fun! We stop first in Twin Falls to visit my family. It was so nice to see them after 6 long months going with out! Jayden and Caleb had tons of fun playing Smash Brothers, Legos, jumping on the tramp, and doing boy stuff. Caleb still asks if we can go back to Jayden's house!(not the greatest picture of me, but was the only picture we had on our camera from our visit!)
Next we drove to Island Park to play at the Cabin. The weather was not the greatest...it snowed...but it was still fun. We walked along the river with Grandpa and his new dog Jessy.
Hannah and I trying to keep up with the boys!

Hannah fishing off the dock. She did not catch anything....but she did only try it for a few minuets. The patience of a two year old!
Caleb cought 2 fish!
(With a little help from Great Grandpa Reed and dad.) He loved every minuet of it! He even was excited to come home and eat them!!
From all the stories that I heard when they got back I think that Caleb is already getting really good at telling "fish stories"!

We found this beautiful hidden place right by this cute little stream. We had fun exploring! Next time we go up we are taking a picnic.

Dad and Caleb walking across the stream.
Watching "Star Wars"

The kids loved playing in the boxes while Kurtis and I packed. I gave them a bag of markers and they made each box a house. Caleb drew everything from the phone to the piano. Hannah just wanted me to draw her a picture of Dora on her wall! They had fun! It was also nice for us so that we could pack!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The big move!

Yes, we are back in Utah!! It has been so nice to be back. We are loving the fact that we are so close to our family!! The drive we very long, 24 hours of driving in fact!! We had to drive so slow because the moving truck, we got the largest truck they had plus we pulled Kurtis car behind. I followed in the van behind. Going 60mph is not so fun. But we made it! Yeah!! Caleb and Hannah did really well, other than our frequent potty brakes for Hannah (about every hour!). When we finally pulled into Utah Hannah just loved the mountains, she keeped on saying "I want to climb those mountains! Mommy, stop, lets go climb them!" She was so cute about it, i guess that we will have to go climb a mountain or two!! Anyways when we got to our townhouse we had so awesome help moving all of our stuff in from our family! Thanks to all that helped!! Our little townhouse is perfect and I am having so much fun decorating it! Please stop by and see us we would love to see you!!! We are right in Murray, just email for the address!