Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Delicious spring


Monday, April 19, 2010

The real thing

This is it. This is love. This is what I have worked my whole life for. I sometimes forget to capture my kids being kids. Photography for me is a fantasy world where I can imagine, create and dream. With these photos I got to just capture reality and the love I work so hard to enjoy and and to keep. I am so focused all the time on working and creating and forget to just be. Here is a reminder for me and all of you out there that can relate….

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just had to

This is the same baby from the previous post. I just had to post it, he definitely did not think that it was a good idea.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sun kissed baby boy

It is so fun when I get to take pictures of my good friends babies and kids! One of my good friends is moving this summer and I am going to miss her terribly. Thankfully she did not leave before having this sweet little baby boy. He was only 4 days old when I snapped these pics. Mommy and I had so much fun! He was born on Easter so we both had a picture in mind... baby in Easter basket....well, we got a LOT of laughs but no picture! We had a blast! Thanks for letting me rearrange your house and take over! Love ya!!!

Love this sun light coming from the window. Sun kissed baby, yum!

Hot Mama and babe takin' a peek...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mean mom

For APriL FoOlS DaY I wanted to do something to trick my kiddos, they, of course, had no idea that there was even a day where you can play all the tricks that you want and not get in trouble for it! (that is why I kept it to myself! :)) They were busy jumping on the tramp and I could tell that they were getting tired. So I took this great opportunity to ask them, "Hey guys are you thirsty? I just made some juice! Come and get it!"

Hannah tried so hard to suck up that Jello! It was hilarious!

Monday, April 12, 2010

it is time...

To SPRING things up a bit!!

My house seemed so wintery and dark. I got all excited when I found some great stuff on clearance! This is what I came up with!

On the top corner of my mantel I re-used stuff I already had. I got the plant at Ross and the ball thingy at Hobby Lobby, both on clearance. The bird i found at Micheal's for $1.

In the corner of my fire place I put this nice little green vase that I got from the best decor store in the whole wide world..Kirkland Homes..if you did not know...look for one near you!! I got it for a whole dollar on clearance! Then I filled this antique milk glass bowl (from goodwill for $1) with lemons, to give it a little kick of sweetness! The picture, is from the photo studio of yours truly...I printed if off at Sam's for $5??? (not sure the exact price) I matted it on foam board to save $$$.

I got this beautiful pillow from Target, of course! (where all my money goes! I ♥ that store!) They have a new line there that is just to die for! I snatched two of these cuties for my couch. Plus I noticed that one had a snag and the other was kinda dirty (like a cart had ran it over) When I got to the cashier I told her that and she gave me HALF OFF both! Pretty much buy one get one free! Does not hurt to ask!

I picked up these sweet summer gold/orange curtains from Ikea. It was an awesome find, since they came with two panels.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Warm front

This past week has been so warm, if you can believe it! Last week we had two days that it got into the 80's! Lets just say, this is NOT a normal spring. I have been counting my lucky stars, warmth!!!
I took the kids out for an Easter/Spring photo shoot and we had so much fun! Porter did not think it was all the great, but hay, it was worth it!

I took half of these pictures with Porter screaming in my ear. For some reason he really does not like the sun. Even in the shade he screams. Guess he is a MN winter baby.

I am so proud of my mini photographer! Caleb took these great shots of Porter! Didn't he do a great job?!

I debated on editing out Hannah's band-aid on her arm, but I just couldn't, she ALWAYS has a band-aid somewhere.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Feelin' the love

Kurtis's grandparents came up to Minnesota to visit. We had such a fun time! We ate well, laughed a lot and heard some truly amazing stories. We love these two and and have always felt so much love from them. We are very blessed and thankful for the chance that our children have gotten to know and love their great grandparents. They truly are great! We love you guys! Thanks so much for taking the time and money to come and visit!