Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The great outdoors!

It has been way too long since I have posted anything so I am going to try to post everything that we have been doing this past month.....so bear with me! :)

A few weeks ago we braved the outdoors to do a little camping! We found a beautiful camping spot right on the lake and took total advantage of it! Kurtis went fly fishing every chance he got, the kids went swimming, put their feet in the water, and went for rides on the little fishing raft.
We even went for a little hike:
Caleb: "Its too rocky out here!" My legs are starting to hurt." " I am getting thirsty." " Can we got back to our tent?" "Mom, can you hold my stick gun collection?" "Mom can you find any sticks that look like guns?"
Hannah: "Mommy, are we climbing a mountain?" "Mommy, I see a bug!" "Mommy can you carry me?" Daddy can you give me a shoulder ride?"
So....when I say little I mean it!
We did enjoy the time that we sent outdoors, even though I seem at times to get a little stressed out because of all the dirt my kids seem to collect, it was nice to get away from the every day stress and take advantage of the beauty that surrounded us.

Well needed rest and relaxation! Kurtis and kidos!

You may not be able to tell that Caleb is holding up a fish that he caught but he is, you just have to look very, very close! This lake had tons of little fish, their mouths were hardly big enough to bit the hook, they just ate the worm off. So it was fun for him to finally snag one!

Kurtis's big catch! Watch out its a big one!!
I thought that that this was so funny, you are sure to love it too!

Sorry about the bad picture, I was recording it with our camera, the video camera was out of juice!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Splish splash!

The kids had been begging me to take them swimming so we finally went. They had a blast!

Caleb jumping of the diving board!

Hannah swimming

Take me out to the ball game!

Caleb, Jayden and Hannah watching the game!

Kurtis was proud of his home run ball! I was really surprised to see how fast he ran to get that ball!

The kids and I

We went to the Salt Lake City Bees game on the 5th of July. The very first pitch was a home run for the apposing team, but Kutis some how managed to catch the ball! It was pretty neat! Caleb talked about it the whole night! Here are a few pictures of "the ball".
We got these great seats in the outfield on the grass. We just laid down a blanket and let the kids run wild. It was nice not to have the kids pinned down in a two foot radius.
A few nights later Caleb made up this cute little song about the game:
"You go to the baseball game and your mom buys you popcorn and you get to see a home run. And maybe you dad can catch a ball."
It seem a bit longer but i can't quite remember it all, I am hating that I did not write it down earlier.

Somthing fishy....

For some reason Hannah is afraid of Grandpa Scott, so we had to quickly snap this shot of Hannah actually sitting this close to him! Sorry Scott i know that she really does love you!!

While my family was here for the 4th we went to this Aquarium in Sandy. The kidos had fun seeing all the fish and Marian life. Caleb spotted this really cool star fish that looked like Darth Maul,(his favorite Star War character at the moment) Hannah like all the little tiny fish, or anything that was pink! She would say, "Oh mommy look how cute that tiny fish is! He is my favorite!" She really is all girl. Kurtis calls here his Little Movie Star!

Super Heros to the rescue! Caleb is Spiderman and Jayden is Batman! These two have so much fun together. We never see them apart! Caleb is so excited to live so close to Jayden. If he had it his way we would be living next door!

Pre 4th of July

I just have to say that I made this really cute woven headband for the 4th! Come on over and I can teach you how to make one!! I would love the company!

Hannah is such a ham!

We have a great park down the street from our house that we, I should say my kids, love going to. So while we waited for my Mom, Scott and Jayden to arrive we tried to find some outdoor activities to keep us busy. We rode bikes, played at the park and had a handstand contest! I was quite surprised to see how good Caleb was at doing handstands! Hannah also had fun making up her own tricks.

Celebrating America

Happy 4th of July!!

Caleb throwing Pop Its!

The 4th of July is my absolute favorite Holiday! I had so much fun dressing up the kids and myself for the celebration! I made Hannah these really cute flip flops and of course some extremely cute bows! I also painted there faces with stars, flags and fireworks! (I am so sad because we really did not get too many pictures. If I find more I will post them later.)
We drove to Sandy as soon as my family got into town to enjoy the festivities there. The weather was not so great....it was very windy, cloudy and just a little bit of rain. But the night was still fun. We walked around to all sorts of booths and enjoyed some live good ol' county music! The fireworks were fun, although they did not compare to the famous Idaho Falls fireworks. (If you have never seen them there I would try to go next time!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Party Time at Snowbird

As all of you may know Kurtis started his internship this year at the new LDS Hospital in Murray. The doctor over the interns planed a great get-to-know-you party at Snowbird. They had tons of things for the kids....and adults to do! Caleb loved the bungie tramp, he even managed a flip! Hannah was a little scared but was brave enough to try a few jumps.

Caleb's Flip!

We also got to ride a tram up the mountain......3,000 feet up! It was so beautiful! There was still quite a bit of snow up there. When we got to the top we got to walk around and soak up the beautiful scenery. The kids a a snowball fight!
Here are the kids in the tram. The tram can hole 120 skiers.....I would not dare ski that crazy mountain! I looked really scary when there is not much snow!

Going up!

Top of the world!

Mommy and Hannah!

Day at the Zoo

For the past few months Kurtis has been planing his 10 year class reunion (he has enjoyed planning as much as I thought he would!) They planned it just right so that we would be in Utah and we were able to go, Kurtis was so glad! Anyways....it took place about 2 weekends ago. It was fun and it came together very well. While Kurtis and I were crazy getting ready for the big day my Mom, sister in law Robin and my little brother Jayden came up to take the kids for awhile while we decorated and such...Here thay are at the zoo! They had so much fun!

Robin and the kids

Hannah drinking out of the Lion drinking fountain! If you have ever been to the Idaho Falls Zoo you know that you have a picture of this!

Caleb and Jayden have so much fun together!

After the zoo they went across the street to play at the park. My mom said that it was covered with tons of garbage. Apparently there had bee a few parties there that day. When Caleb saw this he said "This is disgusting!" He then went about picking up all the garbage. He picked up each piece and carried it all the way across the park to put it into the garbage. My mom kept asking if he wanted to play instead and he said no. So he picked up garbage the whole time they were at the park!
You better watch out Caleb's on Litter control!
(Picture is from a while ago...but I am sure that this is the face that he made when he saw the garbage!)