Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What can I say......my kids LOVE to dress up!

So I was walking though the Quilted Bear (for those of you who don't know what that is, it is a very awesome craft store) with my kidos and Caleb found this cape. It was $14.oo, so I told him that I thought that I could make it for him. He was very excited and wanted to got to the store right away to get the supplies. So two stores and a few hours later.......whala! It did take longer than I thought, but it was very fun! The capes are reveriable so on Caleb's he wanted Superman and Batman. Hannah's cape has a crown on one side and a flower on the other side. I am sure any of you talented ladies out there could make this! I am not a great semstris(according to Caleb I am the best "sewer" he has ever seen! He watched me make every stitch!), so I know that anyone could make it!

Discovering Photoshop!

I have been playing around a bit with the textures and it has been very fun! I know that this picture is not very exciting but i have fun doing it!

Okay......this was the FUNNEST picture to do!!! I loved every minuet of it....no wait.....maybe hour of it! It did take me a while to figure it all out, but it was defiantly worth my time! Notice my cute little name in the corner! I know, WOW!! Too much fun!

I have been having so much fun leaning everything I can about photoshop! Please don't get me wrong......I do NOT even know the first thing about it, but I am very excited to learn more. I took these pictures of Hannah because I am going to be selling these VERY cute hats at the craft fair that I am doing in November! Thought it would be fun to have some pictures of her there with them on! Anything to boost sales!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip to Provo

We took a trip to Provo a few weeks ago to see the BYU football game with my family. Before the game we took a drive up the mountain to have a picnic and take a hike! We hiked all the way to to the top of this waterfall! It was a steep climb, but we all made it! It was defiantly worth the climb! It was just beautiful!

Jayden and Caleb

Hannah and dad taking a look at the waterfall. It was really wet and slippery but it was so fun! For those of you who know Whitney Archibald....the girl in the red shirt is her sister! She married my mom's cousin, they are going to school at BYU so we invited them to come along too! What a small world!
Paige(my cousin) and Hannah

The kids playing in the water.

Caleb looking studly!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well, this is a first for me! I was tagged by Jen.
The Five

10 years ago I:
1. Was a Junior at Twin Falls High School and honestly, loving EVERY second of it!!
2. Turned the BIG 16!! Went on my first date with a boy named Brady. I think that we played night games with some other couples and then when to Dairy Queen. Oh, how nice it was to have no responsibilities(besides boys)!!
3. My parents were in the middle of a divorce. My mom sold our beloved house and we moved into a duplex. I had some awesome friends help me though it all. Thank you!
4. Worked my first job at Team America as a "file girl." Lets just say I leaned my ABC's forwards and backwards!
5. Traveled to Mexico with a charity group called Charity Anywhere. We rebuilt a house that was burned down and did a few other small projects. It was very fun and humbling. Just what a 16 year old needs!

5 things on today's "to-do" list:
1. Where do I begin?! I am preparing for a Craft fair in November, so have about a million bows to make!
2. Return some movies and books to the Library.
3. Make sure Caleb reads 20 mins today.
4. Go to Walmart ......for the 3 time this week! (Don't you hate when you forget ONE thing!)
5. CLEAN MY HOUSE! Never any fun!

5 snacks I enjoy
1. Cherry tomatoes
2. Crunchy grapes
3. Chocolate anything!
4. Popcorn
5. Chips and Salsa (Yum, I'm hungry!)

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:

1. Open a Boutique Store
2. Make sure my kids, parents, and in-laws are set for life. I know that my mom would love a house keeper!
3. Do some charity work in a foreign country.
4. Pay off all our debt
5. Invest for our future

5 Places I have lived
1. Twin Falls, ID
2. Logan, UT
3. Rochester, MN
4. Salt Lake, UT
5. Boise, ID
WOW I guess that I have lived in some pretty boring places!

5 Jobs I have had
1. File Girl at my Dad's office.
2. Snow cone maker, oh yeah!
3. Mail coder.....or something like that....you know the little code on the bottom of your mail, that was my job. I leaned to type VERY fast!
4. Sam's Club cashier ( I was big and pregnant with Caleb, all I can say is "My back!")
5. Mom

I tag...

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Take me out to the ball game!

Caleb absolutely LOVES Baseball! He talks about it all the time, and loves to practice with dad. Kurtis taught him to catch the grounders like this. So whenever he is out in the field this is his stance! He just looks so Cute!
Caleb and Kurtis practicing before the big game!

Caleb's team is the Yankees, but if you ask Caleb they are called the Ankees!

Caleb taking a swing at the ball! He usely hits it on his first try. I think that he is getting really good. It may just be that he and one other boy are the only 5 year olds, everyone else his 3 or4!

Caleb waiting for the batter to get to the plate.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get along little doggie!

Robin and Jacob came to visit us for their so called "summer vacation" So what did we do??!! Go to the State Fair of course! What was more awesome was that the entertainment things were free! Here is Caleb, Hannah, and Robin looking at the White Tigers from India!

Now how can you go to the fair without getting a cow picture?!

Caleb and I at the Rodeo!
The Rodeo was great! Plus it was FREE! You can't beat that! My kids really had a fun time. Hannah loved the Cowgirls and barrel racing and Caleb thought that the bull riding was awesome!

Caleb thought that the horses where having a meeting! I was too funny!

Caleb's 1st day of Kindergarden!!

Caleb is verrrrrry ready to go to school! He has been asking me for the past 3 months how many days until school starts! I know that he will be an awesome student and friend to everyone in his class. He is such a friendly boy and people tend to gravitate to him. So far he has loved riding the bus and thinks that it is so cool that he gets to ride it two times a day!

Here is Caleb in the car before we stated off to school. I wanted to take him the first day, even though Caleb REALLY wanted to ride the bus. So we followed it instead, which was still fun for him and made me happy as well. After school I went to pick him up and he insisted on riding the bus home. So I got back in the van and followed the bus home. I really tried not to cry, okay maybe just a few tears. As I watched him get on the bus and realized he has gotten so big and independent, but at the same time he looked so small on the huge bus. He could hardly look out the window!

Caleb's teacher Mrs. Tomilson is greeting all the new Kindergardeners. She is so nice and Caleb really likes her.
While Caleb was waiting in line to go into class he kept waving at me, I thought oh how cute! But after the 3rd wave he finally walk over to me and said "Bye mom, you can go now." Well I guess that I will be missing him a little more than he will me!
In the video Caleb is telling me all the things he is excited about. Notice Hannah, once again in her ballet outfit!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"When I grow up I want to be a ballerina!"

I signed Hannah up for ballet class so that we would have something fun to do together while Caleb is at school. It has been very fun and Hannah loves every second of it! She is always telling me that she wants to go back to ballet class.

The little girls in the class are very cute! It is fun to watch them dance together. The teacher is really great with them. She is always thinking of new ideas to make it more exciting! In the video she had them pretend to be bubbles so that they would learn to jump while pointing their toes.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Family Night

Kurtis, Hannah, and Caleb watching Hannah's ball sail down the middle of the lane preparing for a spair! I would have loved to use this little handy ramp, because I had forgotten how horrable I am at bowling! But I was clearly reminded when Hannah, my 2 year old daughter beat me! So sad, I know!
Hannah went bowling in style! She has been wearing this adorable outfit for about a week now!
Caleb loved every second! He hated waiting for his turn, but in the end he ended up tying me. 72 was the big number! Yeah Caleb!
Kurtis beat the socks off us all! It was a great family night! It's always fun to have Kurtis home with us!
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Brotherly and Sisterly Love!

Caleb and Hannah have become such great friends. It is fun to watch them play together. They don't always get along, but always forgive and forget in the end. I am so lucky to have such loving, caring, and fun kids (who don't look anything alike!)
This picture totally sums up both of their personalities. Hannah the "ham" and Caleb the "protective brother" or maybe Star Wars lover!
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Salt Lake Childrens Museum

I took the kids to the childrens museum in the Gate Way the other day...payed an arm and a leg.....but the kids had a ton of fun! Here is Caleb and Hannah playing at the ball factory. They spent the most time here, they could not get enough!

Caleb quickly took control of the crain. He kept telling me, "Mom, I have so much work to do!" I was so sad because after I took this picture the camera died! So these were the only pictures that I got in the 3 hours that we were there. This was a fun museum, but I do have to say that the one in MN is bigger, better and CHEEPER! Oh well, the kids enjoyed it!
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