Wednesday, December 23, 2009

May your merry be very

I will clearly never fully understand Mary's sacrifice to bring this loving baby to us all. But this Christmas I cherish the fact that I too am loving this precious baby boy of mine, sent to me fresh from our Heavenly Fathers arms. May all of you have a very Merry Christmas and cherish these precious moments.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

because two is better than one

A photographer friend and I got together to toss some new pose ideas around.....and really, what could be more fun than 4 hours of baby folding, wrapping, cuddling, and a few feedings in between when you come up with this!!! These picture turned out absolutely amazing, if I do say so myself!! So enjoy these yummy photos of my sweet baby Porter!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My little sweetness

We just recently went and got Hannah's hair cut. She looks SO BIG now!! She also got her ears pierced for her Birthday. If you look closely you can see those cute little sparkly balls on her tiny little lobs!!

I have been thinking lately how much I a-d-o-r-e you! I love how you follow me around. I love that you love to laugh and that you love to make others laugh. It just breaks my little heart at the thought of you growing up and not wanting me around...sign....Or maybe you will be like me and call your mommy all the time!
I love you my little bug!

Love Mommy

Out of the mouth of Hannah...
Me: Hannah, time to get off the couch and get ready for the day!
Hannah: But Mom!! It's a party in the U.S.A!!

Thanks a lot Miley!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas music, snow, and cozy pjs

I found these nice 'n cozy matching pjs and Childrens Place and am so glad that I bought them! My kids look SO stinkin' cute in them! And of course Porter is extra snugly! We loved this time of the year and love that we have a new little one to share it with. Enjoy your Christmas holiday!

P.S. There are many of you out there that read my blog that I don't have addresses for. I would love to send you a Christmas Card. So if you don't mind, leave me your address in the comment box so that I can get one to you!! Merry Christmas!

snow day...what to do?

Make your elf self dance of course!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving/b-day party snap shots all wrapped into one!

I was so happy to have my family come up to see us and the new baby. They flew in on the 23rd late and stayed a whole week! It was so nice to have a "magic kitchen" and a "magic house"! i.e. cleans itself without me even touching it!

It was nice to not worry about taking care and holding Porter all day and night. The extra help is greatly missed! Thanks mom and Scott for all your help! Love you guys!!

Hannah wanted a Pony cake. She picked out everything, cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, and pony. I can't believe that my little girl is 4!!!

Last one! Blow!!

Hannah's birthday dinner. She LOVES meatballs!!

We went to House of Bounce for Hannah's birthday and it was a blast! Even the adults could bounce! We had so much fun and built up a good sweat!

Hannah and Grandma

Kurtis and my step dad Scott playing this really fun game! You are connected to a bungee cord and have to try to get the little bean bag the furthest. This game was popular with all the adults and even the kids tried! (love Kurtis's face in this picture!)

Jayden, Caleb and Hannah playing "save the princess" or somthing like that!

I just had to snap a picture of these yummy mashed potatos!

Sitting down to eat our feast! It was the fist time my mom ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner and boy did it turn out yummy! We only ran into one problem.....there where no turkeys left at Walmart! Who just runs out of turkeys two days before Thanksgiving?! So we sent the men on a wild "turkey" chase to find us one. They came home with a 20 pounder! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh, How They Grow

Hannah at 2 weeks old

One year old

2 years old

My beautiful 4 year old!

Hannah turned 4 today. It was a happy and a sad day. Happy because it is a birthday and sad because she is my baby girl. 4 seems so old! A few days ago I asked her an assortment of questions. Here is what she said:
What is your favorite color? Pink
What is your favorite food? Mac and Cheese and Tomatoes
What is your favorite toy? Polly Pocket Princesses
What is your favorite game? Uno
What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor
Who is your best friend? Caleb
What is your favorite animal? Puppy
Where do you want to go on vacation? Disney World

Hannah is so sweet. She loves to play and make people laugh. She is a bit dramatic, but very lovable! We love you Hannah! Happy 4th Birthday! You are such a big girl! xoxoxoxo

Friday, November 20, 2009

I am thankful....

I am so thankful for my kids smiling faces and for my eternal family. I am thankful for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and for all the inspiring messages that they share with us from our Heavenly Father.

Monday, November 16, 2009

new favorite

Just finished editing this picture and LOVE it!

Life in the fast lane

Caleb is an awesome big brother. I can not complain about anything right now. (maybe some more sleep would be nice! :)) My kids help me so much. I am very thankful for all the help the two older kids give me. And for the love that they give their little brother!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three little ducks

I can't believe that we have 3 little kids! Since this new little addition to our family, life has been a little bit more stressful, crazy, and hecktic, but not near enough to make my go insane. Not yet anyway! I had tons of fun taking this pictures. If my kids would have let me I would have take more.

(love calebs huge feet!)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A little piece of heaven...

You know the feeling that you get when you look at a new born baby? So fresh and new, ready to be loved. The last few days have been so wonderful. I was terrified that I would have a hard time with this one, but I now have realized that they are only little for such a short period of time and to enjoy every second, and I have.
Love me some baby Porter!

Hannah is such a good little helper. She loved getting to hold him like this for this picture.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just can't get enough Porter

Our new little pumpkin

Our little boy came 2 weeks early and surprised us on Halloween! I went into labor about 2 am and went into the hospital about 5:30am. Hung out for awhile to "see if this is going anywhere" and then at 11:06 out little guy was born. He came fast and I am thankful that he is healthy. I had to stay an extra day because he breathed in a little meconiam which made his oxygen levels go down. But he is doing fine now. As for me, I feel good. I am trying to hold him every second. He is just so sweet and tiny. I just love this little bit boy!

His name is Porter LeRoy Reed and he weighed 5 pounds 11 oz and was 18 inches long. He as 2 very proud siblings.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is better than raspberries?

A FREE BLACKBERRY that's what!!!!!
I actually won this awesome phone today! Can you believe it? I am never that lucky! I love it, it is just so pretty! Kurtis did have to come home and "play"with it for me. And now it is up to my cell phone standards! (which is not much!) More good news is that Kurtis had lost his phone a few weeks ago and I have been despite to find him a phone. Now this solved all our problems! He now gets my cute purple phone while I get this one! :) How good of a husband do I have?!

Sweeter Than Sugar

Yesterday, I was not feeling the greatest and on top of that my house was a mess from the day before. But what I hate most is dishes piled up in the sink with no room to spare. On Sunday I had baked cookies and cooked a big dinner and dishes were everywhere. So when I woke up to the huge pile of dishes I asked Caleb if he could please unload the dishwasher before school so that I could get he dishes loaded. Then I quickly went up stairs to finish my hair so that I could take him to school and Hannah to ballet. When I came back down, to my surprise he had unloaded the dishwasher AND loaded it back up. My sink was totally dish free. I was so thankful for this small act of kindness and love shown to me by my sweet boy. I love him so much, he is always thinking of ways he can help me and others. Thank you Caleb!! I love you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did somebody say "homemade apple doughnuts"?

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. It was so fun! I had never been to this place and am very happy that I found it! They have all sorts of things to do, animals, mazes, yummy food, and lots of pumpkins! My kids had a blast!

The classic pumpkin pose

Hannah wanted to make up her own pose. She is such a little princes.

Caleb picked the biggest pumpkin he could is VERY big. I could hardly lift it into the little wagon. Then with my giant prego belly I had to put it into the car. Kurtis was gone for the weekend and had to take the van so we were left with his car. The back was too full of golf clubs so we put the pumpkin in the front seat and buckled it in. When we got home I managed to put it on to the Caleb's skateboard to wheel it to the front step. It was quit the adventure and the kids thought it was "totally awesome!"

So while Caleb was trying to find the biggest Hannah was trying to find the smallest, cutest, roundest, pumpkin. She thought that she was pretty successful. Hannah and her perfect pumpkin.

Hannah trying her little hardest to pull the wagon with Caleb's enormous pumpkin in it!

The kids pumpkins

Hannah really getting into it, Caleb not so much! :)

After we bought our pumpkins you go though this little barn, where they sell some food.....oh, but you can smell "it" the WHOLE time you are outside....yes, homemade APPLE doughnuts! They were absolutely the best thing I ever put in my mouth! Really, they were that good! Yum, I think that I need one right now!

The end.