Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"crazy" week at school

I am slowly starting to get back to my old self.  I have had no desire to pick up my camera for about 2 months.    It has been hard to really do anything.  But this past week I have had that itch to run outside and take some spring pictures.  I am hoping this means I am on the tail end of feeling yucky all the time. 

This week gave me an excuses to take some pictures of my kids.  This week was crazy week at school.  Hannah and I have had fun thinking up some fun ways to participate in the theme each day! 
 Here is what we came up with! 

:Crazy Hair Day:
Bird Nest Hair

:Crazy Career Day: 
1st Grade Teacher

:Crazy Career Day:
Gym Teacher

I went to school to take a picture of Hannah with her awesome teacher!  Caleb dresses up like his awesome P.E. teacher but said no way to a picture. :( Hannah, of coarse loved the idea.  
Her teacher is just the most amazing person, I compare her all the time to Miss Frizzle from the magic school bus.  She has given Hannah the desire to become a 1st grade teacher.