Sunday, April 26, 2009

a shout out to all my MN friends!!!

What is:
1 airplane


1 house

Lots of borrowed cash


Please don't barf on the plane, big fat treasure hunt, and show me the money!!

The time has come.....yes.....we are flying out to buy a house this coming weekend!!!!! YEAH!!! We are so excited to see all of you and hope that we can get together for some dinner or lunch....or just get together! I would like to sent up a girls night out maybe Saturday night for dinner? I will call and pick on someone to help me set it all up. I don't know everyone's email address and DON'T want to miss anyone!!!! I just love and miss all you ladies and would love to see all of you!!!!
xoxoxoxoxo to all of you MN gals!!

PS I will be there from the 1st-5th of May

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am in love!!

This photo just says it all! I just love it!!! I think that it might be the best picture that I have eve taken!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

These were SO fun to take!!!

Sierra and David

So, I was so sad that Sierra was not going to have a bouquet for her pictures so I found these awesome roses at Costco and just had to make her a bouquet! I think that it turned out very pretty!!

I really think that this picture shows a lot of elegance.

I lOVE this picture, it belongs in GQ magazine!!!

I have been told that I love taking pictures of feet......I never knew that I had an abstention with feet.....I guess I do.... :)

ps thanks for all the votes on the post below! I will be turning in number 8! That seemed to be the most popular and I loved it too!! Thanks!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

which one, which one??

SO....I am going to put on my brave face and enter a photo contest.....yes. I know.

"Jolene, you are SO awesome you can win ANY contest! "
take a breath now.....much better

So I am asking for more than moral support.... you must vote!! I can not decide which picture to enter.
So get all your friends and fam to come and vote!! I need all the help I can get!
So this is the plan.....the winning picture is going to be printed off on a 20x20x20 canvas! Wow, I know! That is HUGE!! So be looking for one that you would love to see on my wall- practically wall paper!


Thanks so much for your help!! I have to submit my picture by the 28th so I will close the poles on the 25th so that I can do some extra editing!!

PS Thanks to all of you for your remedies! I have tried most of them now and have to admit that the peppermint candy is working pretty well! Also many other good drugs have helped! Cross your fingers that I am at the end of all of this!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming up for air...

Can you tell who is going to be the class clown?!! Hannah loves to make people laugh! It was fun to have all these girls get together!

Little girls in the tub!!

Caleb only complained when I told him that he had to take a break from the XBox, other than that he did pretty well surrounded by "all these girls!"

Levi and Grandpa

Last week we had a sister-in-law get together at Christi's house. It was chuck full of good food, sleepless nights, and lots of laughter! We were all packed in her house working on random projects and watching the kids run wild! Grandpa even stopped by an took the kids to give us a little r&r! Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of or cute projects!! I am so mad at myself for that! But I did get a few pictures of the kidos!

PS I have felt more sick than normal...I can barely get of the couch! It is horrible!! Anyone have any good remedies? I am willing to try anything!! I think that my kids are ready to have their mom back and my house would love a good cleaning! So I think that we ALL would love a really, really, good remedy!!!! Thanks for your help!
Good night! I am off to bed!! (sleeping pill kicking in! YES!!!)

Sneak peek

It was so fun taking pictures of this cute family! Thanks for letting me spend the morning with you guys!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The time has come......

Kurtis and I have been talking about getting pregnant for more than a year now and while Kurtis was ready, I was not. I HATE being pregnant! I get SO sick and feel just plain awful for the first three or four months. So to say the least there was to be a lot of talking into from Kurtis and finally listening to that "still small voice" that I had been pushing out of my head for a while. I finally decided that I was ready to take on one more little monster and deal with all the sickness I would be feeling while trying to bring it into the world. (a mothers work is never done and sometimes never easy!) So yes......I am pregnant...about 10 weeks along and feeling...........AWFUL!! Thanks to my wonderful husband, being a doc and all, he was able to get me some really nice drugs that have saved me from throwing up more than 10 times a day! I still throw up, but not nearly as much! Now I just need a nose plug to prevent me from smelling pretty much anything! Hopefully I will feel better in a few weeks, but who knows! I am very thankful for having my family so close so that they can help me when I need it the most! Don't worry, I will survive.....I think! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Remebering the good times

Today is my Fathers Birthday. He would have been 48 years old. I am so sad that he did not make the choices to keep his body healthy so that he could have lived to see my kids grow. I did not have the best relationship with my dad, but I did know that he loved me. My parents were divorce when I was 16 and he quickly remarried and moved to Boise. It was a very difficult time for our family. I am so thankful for wonderful friends that supported me and lifted me in my time of need.
This is one of the very few pictures that I could find of him holding Caleb.