Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween decor

 I was not to excited to set up my Halloween stuff this year.  So I decided to do it a little different.  I bought some candy and put it in vases that I already had.  Then the kids and I made up names for each one.  The kids had a blast making them up!  My favorite is "witch toes!"  I places the jars on a tray that I already had from Target and then just added a plant and a candle opera from Targets dollar section.  This turned out to be a great table decoration and the kids (and Kurtis) love to snack from it.  

This year Hannah wanted to be another princess. So I talked her into being Rapunzel.  We made her hair out of yarn and a headband.  Really simple and so cute!  I was going to make her dress, but then decided that I was crazy.  I did find this dress at Savers for 10 bucks, which I thought was decent.  Hannah loves her long hair and loves to pretend that Caleb is her prince.  She loves to see Caleb get all embarrassed by it!  I still need to take Caleb and Porter out to get some pictures of their costumes!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All Porter!

You love to walk with help

You want to eat everything in sight (food and dirt)

You love every kind of ball

You love playing with your brother and sister

You get a kick out of really silly things

You are 22 pounds

You love your mama

You can say "da da"