Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving/b-day party snap shots all wrapped into one!

I was so happy to have my family come up to see us and the new baby. They flew in on the 23rd late and stayed a whole week! It was so nice to have a "magic kitchen" and a "magic house"! i.e. cleans itself without me even touching it!

It was nice to not worry about taking care and holding Porter all day and night. The extra help is greatly missed! Thanks mom and Scott for all your help! Love you guys!!

Hannah wanted a Pony cake. She picked out everything, cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, and pony. I can't believe that my little girl is 4!!!

Last one! Blow!!

Hannah's birthday dinner. She LOVES meatballs!!

We went to House of Bounce for Hannah's birthday and it was a blast! Even the adults could bounce! We had so much fun and built up a good sweat!

Hannah and Grandma

Kurtis and my step dad Scott playing this really fun game! You are connected to a bungee cord and have to try to get the little bean bag the furthest. This game was popular with all the adults and even the kids tried! (love Kurtis's face in this picture!)

Jayden, Caleb and Hannah playing "save the princess" or somthing like that!

I just had to snap a picture of these yummy mashed potatos!

Sitting down to eat our feast! It was the fist time my mom ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner and boy did it turn out yummy! We only ran into one problem.....there where no turkeys left at Walmart! Who just runs out of turkeys two days before Thanksgiving?! So we sent the men on a wild "turkey" chase to find us one. They came home with a 20 pounder! Thanks guys!

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Derek and Christi said...

Alright, where do I start?
-cute b-day cake
-that is so awesome that your mom and scott and jayden could come and visit! And clean your house, and hold your baby! I totally can relate and I just feel so grateful to your mom for helping you guys!
-your mom is so pretty
-no pics of Porter?
-Glad you were with family on Thanksgiving!