Sunday, August 15, 2010

soakin' up the sun

I had so much fun editing these pictures.  I took the them looking into the sun.  Something that a lot of photographers are scared to included.  But they really turned out cute.  I had tons of fun editing them (all a little different) and stayed up into the wee hours doing so!  I love my job! :)

The kids had so much fun showing off their tricks for the camera.  Can you tell?

On evening I went out trying to capture the beautiful sunset, but everything was in the, trees, electric poles, it was very frustrating.  So I decided to snap a picture of our house.  Kurtis has been taking good care of the lawn and it shows!  I love our cute little house!
I have not once this summer stopped to smell the flowers...sad I know.  So finally today, I did. And you know what?  I liked it...sometimes life just gets too busy and we really forget to smell the roses.  I saw these beautiful hydrangeas and could not help but take a picture, and I am glad I did because it just turned out lovely.


mnjacksons said...

Love all your cute pictures! I am so glad you guys are enjoying the swing set! miss you

Melanie said...

I love seeing pictures of your house. It is so stinkin cute. So are the kids, of course, Bethany asks about Hannah weekly.

Derek and Christi said...

These pictures makes me miss you guys and wish we lived closer so I could have such cute pictures taken of my kids :). The pics on the tramp are so cute. Your house looks so cozy. Great job, miss you!