Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My 5 year old - Hannah

Hannah likes the smell of:: yummy soap, princess body wash, cookies in the oven, and flowers
Hannah likes the taste of:: cookies, muffins, brownies, lemons, meatballs, and soda
Hannah likes the sight of:: butterflies, Christmas trees, stars, crayons, snow, animals, grandma on the    computer and glitter.
Hannah likes to hear:: bee's buzzing, the oven, Taylor Swift, birds and mommy reading
Hannah likes the feel of:: fur, blankets, warm fire, kittens, and grass.

Hannah had a great birthday.  We went to my brother and sister in laws house and had a party.  We ate a Tangled birthday cake.  And saw the movie Tangled.  I was a great birthday.  Hannah can't get over the fact how big she is now.  5 years old.....a whole new world.  Not a toddler any more, a big girl.  We love you Hannah.  xoxox