Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My pretty ballet princess :)

Hannah had her first "real" ballet recital, on a real stage, and yes, she was a real ballerina!  She was so worried the whole week before, she kept telling me, " Mom, I have stage fright!"  But we practiced a little and and her fear tuned into excitement.  She loved every second on the stage.  I can't help getting so excited for her and her journey to find her talents.  Love you Hannah, you are my little star! 

 I could not choose between color and black & white, so I put both versions. :)

Video of one of Hannah's dances. For all our grandma's and grandpa's! :) 

Tap dance


Bryon said...

Really enjoyed the video. You did a wonderful job Hannah! Love you all.

Derek and Christi said...

Thanks for the video! Me and the girls loved it!