Monday, March 5, 2012

last week

The cub scout Blue and Gold banquet was last week and Caleb (and I) made a awesome light saber cake!  He was so proud of it!  His face is priceless!  He also got his Wolf!  Yay Caleb!  He is such a good boy.  I love this kid!

Hannah has had some pretty crazy hair days lately at school!  Last week she was to dress up as her favorite book character.  She wanted to be Fancy Nancy!  She was so cute!  We had so much girly fun doing her hair and dressing her up!  She got a lot of nice complements as school and was on cloud nine when she got home! 

Hannah lost her 3rd tooth!  This tooth had been bugging her forever!  So glad that we finally got it pulled out!!
This is her story about losing her tooth!  I thought that it was so cute and just had to post it! :)

My little guy is getting so big and so handsome!  He loves all the attention that he can get and knows that he can get whatever he wants!   He just got a haircut this week and he just looks so old! :(

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