Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why do they insist on growing up so fast?!

We are getting adjusted to being in school and ALL of the activates the kids are involved in.  I start to have small panic attacks right around 3 o'clock!  I know that the kids will be hungry, tied, and kinda grouchy when they come though that door.  Unfortunately, we always have tons of stuff going on after school until about 7 (or later) each night.  Man, who knew it would be so taxing having older kids and that I would spend SO much time in the car! 
I have not taken many pictures of my kids lately, manly because I have been crazy busy with sessions.  Tis the season I guess.   :)

Caleb is playing 4th grade football...which means hours of practice and every Saturday is game day!  He is loving it, and so is Kurtis.  To tell you  the truth I kinda want to go out there and tackle somebody, it looks like fun! Not to mention great therapy! ;)

Here are a few random pictures I have taken though out the season. 
Caleb plays center.

Hannah has been loving school and loves her teacher!  She likes to think of her self as "old".  Not sure I can get use to that! She also lost one of her front teeth!  

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