Monday, January 5, 2009

Kurtis is turning the BIG 29 today!! I thought that it would be fun to look at all the pictures that we have of Kurtis, turns out....we don't have many, but I did find some good ones!!

Kurtis has always loved basketball

Kurtis went on his mission to Sydney, Australia- Vietnamese speaking.
He LOVES to fish!! He took a trip to Alaska to do some deep sea fishing and had a blast! (I could not find any of those pictures.... so I thought that this would do!!) Kurtis and Derek (brother)

He has had a love for snowmobiling since he was little. He still gets goosebumps when he sees, rides, or talks about snowmobiling!!

Kurtis went to Vietnam last March with a team of surgeons and other doctors to fix clef pallets and many other problems. He was a great interpreter and doctor!

We were married on May 9th 2002 in the Bountiful, UT Temple. (Which I am sure that it was the HAPPIEST day of his life!!)

Kurtis is a great dad!
He has so much fun playing sports, wrestling, and playing Legos with Caleb.

Hannah is a daddy's girl and Kurtis loves every snuggle, hug and kiss that Hannah gives him!


Brad and Janae Jackman said...

What an exciting life!!! Happy birthday brother! Wow, 29?

Kenneth and Melanie said...

Happy birthday Kurtis. I sure got lucky when you became my brother.

Bryon said...

Makes me cry.....why must you all grow up?