Monday, January 12, 2009

My Grandpa's wedding

I just love my family! It is always nice to get together and what a great excuse to do so! My kids are not looking there best.....but I thought that I looked pretty good! :) Kurtis was on call and could not make it. I thought about trying to put him in the picture and then thought....I may be good, but not that good!
P.S. My family is a little crazy when it comes to
photography so I was the one to get the last shot or just plan shoved out of the way. I did not get too many of the bride and groom. There were like a million other people there clicking away!!

My Grandpa

For some reason, I just LOVE this picture! Hannah looked so cute trying to get up all those stairs!

Caleb, Hannah, Jayden


Derek and Christi said...

Your look so pretty in that first picture, and your kids look so cute too. Hannahs dress is beautiful.

Rachel said...

That is so cute that your grandpa got married and his new wife looks so sweet! You look hot and gorgeous as always and your kids are beautiful!!