Friday, February 20, 2009

Disneyland or bust!

We are going to Disneyland next week and I was wanting some input! Is there anything that we should look up or pack before we go? Tell me what you all did before or wish that you would have done before going to Disney. Any comment would be so helpful!! We leave Saturday and can't wait to go to Sunny CA!! My kids are so excited to see the beach and go to Disney! They have been talking about it for weeks! Thanks for all your input!


Rachel said...

AWESOME!!! Having never been to DL as a kid, I went for our honeymoon and yeah, it was really fun. But *NOTHING* compares to taking your kids!!! Seriously, when our kids were with us, I felt like a kid! I got goosebumps and was so excited! Get souvenirs, live it up, and spend more than 2 days there. California Adventure park was SO fun. Go to the 3rd Bug's Life movie there, it was AWESOME! I hear the Character Breakfast is fantastic but a bit pricey, if you can do it...DO it!! I hope you have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Seren said...

Jealous! We would love to take the kids to Disney land. We are hoping within the next year or so. I have been several times myself, the one thing I thought of as far as the kids is to have some sort of plan in mind. I love things spur of the moment, but where kids tire out easily I would pick some of my top favorite, must see's to go to first. I don't know if you know but they have an awesome system now where you get a ticket that lets you basically walk right on the ride, but you have to be there at a specific time. So while you wait for that ticket time you wait in one of the long lines at another ride so that when you are done, you walk right on the other one without the wait. Hope that makes sense.

The GAG nears said...

First, take me with you... DONE. That's all you need to know.