Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who do you love?!

Kurtis's dad got married this past weekend and it was so nice! Here they are, they look so happy!

Isn't he sexy?
No, no, no, not that camera....Kurtis!!

All the little girls were "The Flower Girls".
Job Description:
1. Try not to spill your flower petals while throwing a tantrum.
2. Don't let the other little girls steal "your" flower petals.
3. If another little girls does steal your petals don't tackle them to get them back (Hannah you know I am talking to you).
4. Look cute, smile even.....

Grandpa with Caleb and Hannah

Little Evelyn and Caleb just snuggle the whole time the are together! It is so cute. Little kids are just drawn to Caleb.

Blooper picture
....well any picture with all the kids in it could go under this title! Note: Hannah "sleeping"

Bethany and Hannah

Caleb was the Best Man.
He thought that it was "sweet" to be able to hold the rings.

Hannah with Aunt Christi

Daddy and daughter
(Derek and Evelyn)
I thought that this picture was so cute!

Side note: I took over 200 pictures, I assure you there are more to come!

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Derek and Christi said...

They're all fantastic. I especially got a kick out of Hannah sleeping. I don't remember that? Can't wait to see more.