Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stressed and Tired

There is one tons of things that I don't like about moving:

1. All the BOXES!!
2. All the endless JUNK
3. The MESS
4. Starving for 2 days straight because we packed up all our food....not smart.
5. My kids are into willing to help, yet.....well you know!
6. COUNTLESS trips to DI
7. Did I mention all the JUNK??!!

Needless to say we are almost done....I think, but you know how you think that you are finished and you move your couch and there is a jungle under there? Well, I am still waiting for that. Thankfully we saved all our boxes from our last year ago, yes you heard right ONE YEAR AGO!! So I did not have to make the never ending trips to the Recycling center. (Did I just jump from one subject to another? I think that I am going INSANE!)

PS. I am trying not to be grouchy, but I am. I am so sad to leave my cute family. 3 years IS long....even though I have been telling myself and everyone else that it is not THAT long.

Today is a sad day.....I will miss you all!!! xoxoxoxo

2 Days until moving day....


Melanie said...

I feel for you. Moving is SUCH a pain!! I hope that the next couple of days go smoothly. Call if you need ANYTHING! Three years is a VERY long time! Sad. Sad.

angela said...

Hooray!!! When will you be here??? I can't wait to see you again.

Derek and Christi said...

It will all be over soon, and you'll be able to decorate your cute new home. We will miss you all!