Tuesday, August 25, 2009

deep fried twinkies, foot long hot dogs, and potato chips

10 pounds + 4 pounds + 2 pounds = 16 pounds of fun filled Fair time!!!

Can you believe that it is already that time of the year?? This year has flown by so fast!

We went with a few of our friends to the fair to see the animals and eat some of that good ol' fair food! Yum!

"Mom, look I have a bunny nose!"

Hannah and Ellie thought that some animals were really smelly. So they insisted on plugging their noses, even for the picture!

Caleb petting a little calf.


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Awww...the fair is the best! Had a deep fried PB&J last year. :)

Brewer Bunch said...

Hey jolene -
Here is the recipe for the peach pie (and a blueberry bread that is yummy!!). They are from Kathleen - completely mouth-watering... when you bake the crust first, that is! ;)

Here are the recipes you asked for. They are tried and true. For the strawberry pie, follow the directions but sub 5 cups sliced peaches for the strawberries, omit lemon zest. (be sure and use fruit fresh to prevent browning.) The pie is best served on first day. After that it can get a little juicy and the crust can be mushy. I sometimes make my own crust but I usually buy a crust to save time. The cream cheese makes a huge difference but more than the recipe calls for is not good.

Bon Apetit!



The blueberry pound cake. Don't skip the sauce, it is a real winner!


Made these for gourmet club. Very good with blueberries

I can't find my recipe for my lemon tart with blueberries but this looks like a similar recipe