Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There is nothing like a spakin' new hair cut!

Hair cut time is not my favorite, but it is to my kids. They know that a hair cut means movie time, pink/green hair and a lolly pop - Caleb: green on both hair and lolly pop - Hannah: pink on both hair and lolly pop.

Green/pink hair you ask.....

Well, we have this great new kids hair cutting place here called Little Dudes & Divas. They are AWESOME! You kids get to pick out a movie to watch while getting their hair cut (which means no wiggles, just giggles) (come on people I had to say it!) And after the cut they get to choose a color to have sprayed into their hair! Plus the added bonus of a lolly pop!

How could you go wrong I ask you??!!

To say the least my kids loves every second of it. So there you have it.

Here is Caleb BEFORE

Here is Caleb AFTER

(Now if you look closely you can see what Caleb will look like when he is 17! Wowzzer! I almost broke down into tears when I looked at this picture! He is getting so old!!)

Caleb also lost his first tooth!! Yeah!! We actually never pulled it out or even got to hold and admire the tiny thing because we. or should I say he, does not know what happened to it! He did not even notice it was missing until that night I looked at him and told him his tooth was missing! Silly boy! I suppose it fell out in the grass at a park and will never be found.

Caleb did leave a note under his pillow that night which read:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I am sorry.
I lost my tooth in the grass.

Well you know that silly tooth fairy never came! Can you believe it!! She must have flow right by..... but no worries I told Caleb that when I was little the tooth fairy sometimes forgot to come to my house. Hopefully she will come tomorrow. Cross your fingers she remembers!

Well she did and all is well in the Reed household! :) And Caleb has a crisp new one dollar bill to prove it!

Moving on...

Here is Hannah BEFORE

Here is Hannah WHILE

Sassy Hannah AFTER


Derek and Christi said...

Sound like such an awesome place to have your hair cut, especially if you can't go to Shanna :). Alright, so Caleb looks like a little man! I couldn't believe the after picture! He is totally photogenic and looks so handsome. I just love him to bits, knowing that he's so handsome and such a sweet kind boy.
Hannah looks stinkin' cute with her new do and flower in her hair. I love to see her silly side, and I love to see a sweet little smile like in these pictures.
That is hilarious about Caleb literally losing his tooth. I would have been so bummed to lose my first tooth. I can just imagine you saying, "Caleb! Where's your tooth?!" Ha ha

The GAG nears said...

Love this post because it makes me feel like a normal mom for being the tooth fairy that forget to give Ryan money for one of his teeth. Oh - and I've also decided $1 is too much because I think he has 26 teeth to lose in all and now he is trying to eat as many apples as he can to make money to buy some legos. I'll have to cut it to 50 cents soon. Do you think he'll buy the line that the tooth fairy is poor? who knows? I miss you friend. Didn't hang out like we should of while you were here, but hope things are good for you there. Wish we could just go back to the care free days of going to the cabin and getting lost on the 4 wheeler. We were never really lost. :)