Monday, September 21, 2009

Just plain cute!

A few weeks ago my friend and I went on the hunt for great picture taking spots. We ended up find a ton! It was so fun! I think that we spent like 3 1/2 hours shooting! Our kids were great!! And when we were done, all of use were exhausted! But it was worth it, we got a ton of money shots! I has taken me FOREVER to look though all 300 pictures to find the perfect ones. Here is one I just love of her 3 kidos! I will be posting some more soon!


mnjacksons said...

That is so cute. THanks Jolene your so good!

angela said...

Oh. My. Heck. That picture is SO cute! It captures all their personalities just perfectly. Nice work, sister!

Ralphie said...

Hi Jolene!

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I love hearing from you! And thank you for the compliment! It looks like you are loving photography too, that's awesome!

Photoshop is such a hard thing to teach! Unless you have your own personal expert looking over your shoulder it's really a lot of trial and error. I'm hoping to do more blog posts on photoshop and I'll show some of my many errors!

It's good to hear from you and congratulations on baby number 3!