Friday, February 19, 2010

cold table

Picture day for Porter...needless to say, did not go the greatest, but hay, I made it work!

I put him on our table to take these naked ones and he did not like it one bit! I think that it was really cold, and if you know Porter, from day one he hates to be cold!

Porter is getting bigger and more smiley AND has each one of is wrapped around his tiny finger! I have yet to get a great picture of him smiling, but will for sure get one soon. We just love our new little brother and love that he has joined our family. I don't know what we ever did with out him. Enjoy these sweet pictures of our little man!


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

HAHAHAHAHA, that pic on the left is hilarious! I would totally make that face if someone put me naked on the table too! But the one of him drooling at the football--priceless!

Derek and Christi said...

I love that you called him 'little brother', we call Gwen 'little sister'.