Monday, April 12, 2010

it is time...

To SPRING things up a bit!!

My house seemed so wintery and dark. I got all excited when I found some great stuff on clearance! This is what I came up with!

On the top corner of my mantel I re-used stuff I already had. I got the plant at Ross and the ball thingy at Hobby Lobby, both on clearance. The bird i found at Micheal's for $1.

In the corner of my fire place I put this nice little green vase that I got from the best decor store in the whole wide world..Kirkland Homes..if you did not know...look for one near you!! I got it for a whole dollar on clearance! Then I filled this antique milk glass bowl (from goodwill for $1) with lemons, to give it a little kick of sweetness! The picture, is from the photo studio of yours truly...I printed if off at Sam's for $5??? (not sure the exact price) I matted it on foam board to save $$$.

I got this beautiful pillow from Target, of course! (where all my money goes! I ♥ that store!) They have a new line there that is just to die for! I snatched two of these cuties for my couch. Plus I noticed that one had a snag and the other was kinda dirty (like a cart had ran it over) When I got to the cashier I told her that and she gave me HALF OFF both! Pretty much buy one get one free! Does not hurt to ask!

I picked up these sweet summer gold/orange curtains from Ikea. It was an awesome find, since they came with two panels.


Rosewood Ward Relief Society Blog said...
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Derek and Christi said...

Yowza! Wish you were here to spruce up my house. I love all those summer colors.
I was so fun to talk to you today!