Monday, March 7, 2011

the boy

He gets into EVERYTHING!!!  Today I was upstairs for not more than 5 minutes and when I came back down I was horrified!  He had unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper all over the house!  This little guy is cute but a very curious little sinker!!  He also loves to play with little things, like money, Hannah's snap beads, Hannah's sqinkies, balls, come to think of it, pretty much anything that is Hannah's. :)

Porter is almost 16 months and has 6 teeth, fast feet and long soft hair,(which I love!)  He is a rock star! ( I got this shirt at the Gap on clearance and fell in love with it.)

Caleb and Porter are such cute little friends.  Caleb always says, "Why does Porter have to take a nap, it is more fun when he is awake!"  Love. Happy. Content.

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