Monday, March 14, 2011

How would it be?

Hannah has always begged and pleaded for a sister, to state the obvious I have never been able to give her one.  Well, I recently found out what it would be like to have another girl.  Our dear friend Caroline came over to stay for a few days and we had so much fun playing.  Of course what would a 3 day play date be without a photo session.  I bought the girls matching outfits.....yes, yes I did....and I loved it!!  They were SO cute!!  They went around telling everyone that they were twins.  (sorry I got a little of course there)  We did a lot together and she made even cleaning "their" room more fun.  These two little sweethearts will forever be sisters!

Caroline's mama makes all these adorable outfits.  They are to die for!!  More from this sessions to come on my photo blog.


mnjacksons said...

Oh so cute . Love those two little girls

angela said...

You are killing me! They are so cute together. Thanks again for adopting Caroline for a few days.

Heather said...

You are such a great photographer, that is darling!! Thanks for taking such good care of Caroline so Ang could come see us.

(btw this is ang's sister)