Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simply beautiful

My Bedroom....
clean lines

I have been dreaming of a new bedroom. 
These were my requirements. 
Life just gets so dang busy. 
I felt like I had no peaceful place to retreat to when I need it.  I wanted a room that was a breath of fresh air, a place where Kurtis and I could talk and laugh at the end of a long day, a place that I could go to feel peaceful.  Well, I think that I did it.  The price was well worth it. 
Pure Happiness.

What I did:  I bought a old book of watercolor paintings of wild flowers. Then framed the yellow flowers I liked. Bought the frames and mats from Micheals.  The frames were $7 for two!   I made my bedspread with A LOT of help from a friend. I never would have been able to do it with out her.  The idea came from a bedspread from Anthro.  Made it from 2 sets of king jersey nit sheets and a duvet. I bought the yellow flower pillow....the thing that started it all, and the blanket at Target.  My gray pillows were made from martial I bought from IKEA. I already had the brown squares on my wall from my last "creation".  :)

I have a huge room.... so why not put a couch in it?!  I feel really fancy with it in there.  I stole this from a friend that was getting rid of it. With only a few "take it to the dump" remarks and a lot of eye rolls from Kurtis, it make it to my room.  
The gray pillow is again made from material that I bought from IKEA. The material that I bought with the thought of using it as a backdrop.  I got one use out of it....now its on my bed!  I think that I like it better there anyway. 
I spray painted my dresser gray and painted my nobs with off white spray paint.  
My curtains have a very long story..... they were once red.  I spent a whole lot of money on them so I did not want to buy new ones.  Thankfully they were white on the back.  So I just flipped them around. My friend sewed on a gray stripe on the top and bottom to cover the red.  She also did the same to my bed skirt.  
If any of you know Angela, she told me she would never sew a bedspread like mine again. ;) A bribe may work..... don't tell her I said that.

While I was taking the pictures of my bed, I turned and saw this.  I actually got all misty eyed while editing these pictures!  They are just getting so big. 
There you have it!  I still have a few little things that I want to add and tweak but that is pretty much it! I love my room. 


Rachel Seren said...

I love the bed spread! The room turned out great!

Melanie said...

I LOVE IT! I have been dreaming of a bedroom sanctuary lately too. It looks like you captured it! So happy for you! Enjoy!

Derek and Christi said...

OH MY FREAKING HECK!!! I'm speechless!!! I have oogled over that same blanket at Target!!! And I can't believe you made that ridiculous blanket!!!!!!! And the pillows?! You are absolutely crazy, and I wish you lived near me so you could do things like that at my house. Job well done.
Job well done.