Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy curtains.

When you stay at home all day and stare at your walls and each room you kinda get board with stuff.  This is something that men will never understand.  "Why are you always spray painting something?"  Do you really have to be asking me that?!  Can't you see?!  Does it not bother you that we have been looking at the same picture in our kitchen for 5 years??!!  I am not always one who welcomes change well.  But this, this I do. 

If you are a fellow min-a-snow-dian you know what I am talking about when I say one word.....winter!  (Gross I can't believe that I just wrote that!  Gag!)   Well. It will come and when it does I am hoping that my new kitchen will make me fill like I am in huge bowl of sunshine.  Doesn't that sound delicious! 
I know that you all have been holding on to the edge of your seat to see this amazing, sun filled, even in the depths of winter kitchen, looks like! :) 

well. here. it. is.

Curtains: made from fabric from Hancock
Light: Ikea
Large chalk board: made by yours truly....old frame from goodwill and a bottle of spray paint
Pictures: framed flowers from Wild Flowers of America book
High Chair: old turned new with a yummy cover!  Fabric from Hancock
Paint: Nantucket Mist (gray) by Dutch Boy

1 comment:

Derek and Christi said...

This just makes me sick! Why am I missing out on all of this. I changed my mind... MOVE TO IDAHO!
Seriously thought, it all looks beautiful. Wonderful. Great job. Your motivation is motivating.