Friday, August 5, 2011

My little man

Porter is a walking tornado!  He seems to get into everything! Tossing clean folded laundry out of baskets and drawers is his favorite!  He has also taken up loud, screechy screaming.  It makes your ears ring, you know the kind.  Oh, the child! 
The other day the kids were coloring, of course Porter wanted in the action.  So after drawing on Hannah's picture a few times (Hannah crying rolling on the floor while Porter is pinching her arm) I pulled him down his very own coloring book.  He loved it!!  He really is sweet....when he is not screaming, throwing, biting, hitting, pinching, kicking and anything else you can imagine.  :) 

Caleb was working on his own project.  He is growing up so fast.  Makes he sad and happy.  He is such a good little boy!

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Derek and Christi said...

Oh it makes me want to cry seeing your kids. I miss them! And you! My favorite picture is the black and white one of Porter while he's resting his chin on his arm. What a sweetie. He couldn't really be all that naughty? :)