Monday, November 17, 2008

Girls will be girls!

Bethany came to play with Hannah the other day and they had so much fun together! They did everything girly! I took them to the dollar store and we got these "clip clop" shoes for them! I thought it was so funny to watch them go down all of our front steps!

I also got them these My Little Pony coloring books which they colored for at least 45 min!! Notice how cute Bethany's hair is! I had so much fun doing hair that actually had some fullness to it, not to mention it was nice and long!!! Sorry about the blury picture! But you get the point!

This video is so funny! Get use to it girls, high hills are SO fun! ;)

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Kenneth and Melanie said...

What cute girls we have! We need to get together and let them play some more. Lots and lots and lots!