Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Caleb wanted to carve Darth Maul but also wanted to do one of his own creations, so Kurtis carved his pumkin into Darth Maul. I think that it turned out really good! Caleb just loved it!

We had Brad and Janae & Melanie and Kenneth over for pizza and pumpkin carving at out house. It was really fun to see them and their cute families.
Every year when we pick out pumpkins Hannah chooses a white one. This year she wanted a princess. I managed to find a pattern of Cinderella that was easy enough for me to carve.


Derek and Christi said...

The Darth Maul pumpkin is awesome.

Rachel Seren said...

Halloween is so much fun, your kids costumes are so cute.