Sunday, October 25, 2009

Did somebody say "homemade apple doughnuts"?

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. It was so fun! I had never been to this place and am very happy that I found it! They have all sorts of things to do, animals, mazes, yummy food, and lots of pumpkins! My kids had a blast!

The classic pumpkin pose

Hannah wanted to make up her own pose. She is such a little princes.

Caleb picked the biggest pumpkin he could is VERY big. I could hardly lift it into the little wagon. Then with my giant prego belly I had to put it into the car. Kurtis was gone for the weekend and had to take the van so we were left with his car. The back was too full of golf clubs so we put the pumpkin in the front seat and buckled it in. When we got home I managed to put it on to the Caleb's skateboard to wheel it to the front step. It was quit the adventure and the kids thought it was "totally awesome!"

So while Caleb was trying to find the biggest Hannah was trying to find the smallest, cutest, roundest, pumpkin. She thought that she was pretty successful. Hannah and her perfect pumpkin.

Hannah trying her little hardest to pull the wagon with Caleb's enormous pumpkin in it!

The kids pumpkins

Hannah really getting into it, Caleb not so much! :)

After we bought our pumpkins you go though this little barn, where they sell some food.....oh, but you can smell "it" the WHOLE time you are outside....yes, homemade APPLE doughnuts! They were absolutely the best thing I ever put in my mouth! Really, they were that good! Yum, I think that I need one right now!

The end.


Rachel Seren said...

Looks like so much fun! Apple donuts? Sounds yummy!

mnjacksons said...

love all the pictures! Good job on your table and chairs- love them. And love the car seat cover- i want one- he he