Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweeter Than Sugar

Yesterday, I was not feeling the greatest and on top of that my house was a mess from the day before. But what I hate most is dishes piled up in the sink with no room to spare. On Sunday I had baked cookies and cooked a big dinner and dishes were everywhere. So when I woke up to the huge pile of dishes I asked Caleb if he could please unload the dishwasher before school so that I could get he dishes loaded. Then I quickly went up stairs to finish my hair so that I could take him to school and Hannah to ballet. When I came back down, to my surprise he had unloaded the dishwasher AND loaded it back up. My sink was totally dish free. I was so thankful for this small act of kindness and love shown to me by my sweet boy. I love him so much, he is always thinking of ways he can help me and others. Thank you Caleb!! I love you!


Brewer Bunch said...

awwww, that is so sweet!!! He is such a sweet heart!! Way to go, Caleb!

angela said...

What a good boy!!! Keep heaping on the praise, and hopefully he will do it again sometime. Hang in there girl! This pregnancy will be over soon!

Brittney Wood said...

What a sweetie, hope mine grow up to be just like him!