Monday, March 2, 2009

Can someone say: "WARM"?

Yes indeedy, it was WARM!! It got only to the mid to high 60's but it was SO nice to feel the warmth on our faces!! We even got sunburned!! Kurtis and I had to laugh at all the Californian's who where wearing hoodies and winter coats, yes, WINTER COATS!!! At Disneyland I was fanning myself in line and a woman asked, "Are you HOT???!!" I replyed, "Yes, I have lived in MN for 4 years, I know what cold is!" (To all my MN friends, I am so sorry thati it has been so cold!)

We decied to drive to LA, which 10 hours sounded like a piece of cake compaired to our drive here (utah) from MN. But really it was LONG! We stoped half way in St. George to stay with Kurtis's grandparents who live there for the winter. It was fun to see them and their new house. We even got taken out to dinner! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!

We got to LA about 6pm on Sunday. We stayed in a nice hotel about 1 mile from Disney. We actually did this trip as cheap as we possably could. We got our Disney tickest for $34 bucks a person per day! I found them on KSL Clasiffieds from a woman who wanted to split a 6 day Disney Hopper pass. She also told me that she worked for a Hotel and that she could get us a hotel room for $29 bucks a night!!! SO to say the least we did it CHEEP! (We also got our Sea World tickets on KSL)

On Monday we went to the LA Zoo and the beach. Here are a few pictures from Monday!

I love this picture!! It is SO Caleb!

Caleb and Hannah had a collection of palm leaves, nuts, seeds, and rocks! I think that they may have been more worried about finding cool things than looking at the animals!


We went to the beach in the evening, so we got to see this beautiful sunset!!

The kids found so many tiny shells. It was fun to seach for the best shell. (When we got home we cleaned the sand off the shells and put them in a zip lock bag, I set them on the counter in the kitchen, and the next day they SMELLED SO BAD!! Kinda like dead fish! Caleb wanted to throw up!) Oh well it was fun while it lasted!!


Rachel said...

GORGEOUS pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them, you make me so hungry for warm weather!

Rachel Seren said...

Looks like so much fun. and way relaxing!