Monday, March 9, 2009


Here we are at Knotts Berry Farm! Where there are no knots, there are no berries, and there are no farms!!! (some guys said this while we were on a train ride, and I thought it was SO funny!!)


Evelyn and Christi, I also LOVE this picture! (I am beginning to think that I just love myself! I really am THAT good!!)(who said I can't be a little big headed??)

These two pictures of Hannah turned out so good! I love the color conversions!

I had to post this picture because it was my 500th picture!!!! I took SO many pictures!!!


I LOVE this picture of Hannah! She looks so small sitting in that big chair! She absolutly loved all the rides! She was so mad when she was not tall enough to go on the "adult rides".

Evelyn is such a DOLL! She has the cutest smile!! Which makes it very easy for me to capture her personality!!


Derek and Christi said...

Here I am, the first to leave a comment :). Thanks so much for taking so many pictures of Evelyn. I love them all. Thank you so so much.

I think my favorite is of Caleb on the swings. Very good.

PS- I like when you act "big headed", I get a kick out of it because everyone always tries to act so humble and insecure. Give yourself some credit!

Aubrey said...

You SHOULD give yourself some credit - these are adorable! THey do make me want a vacation though!