Monday, March 30, 2009

Why - O - Why??!!

*This is the face that you get when you take one too many pictures!*

I have been so sad lately. This weather is not helping! I can't believe that it is almost April and there is SNOW on the ground! I forgot where i am......Minnesota??.........Alaska??......North Pole???..... No I am in UTAH!!! I was so excited to move here from MN to get a long awaited break from the bitter winter snow that stays around until May! Uggg!! I am ready for 70 degree weather. Oh well, I guess that we will go back to cleaning, napping, sitting on the computer, game playing, and puzzle building. LET ME OUT!!!

These pictures made me think of all this because, it was nice and warm the day before, so I thought to myself...."tomorrow would be a great day for a fun photo shoot at Wheeler Farm!!" THEN, "IT" happened!!!! Right when we got there it started to SNOW!!! Will it ever end???


Landstrom family said...

Snow there? It's cold here too, but of course, you'd assume that! I was hoping you were at least enjoying nicer weather before having to return to the frozen tundra this spring. When are you guys heading to town anyway?

Landstrom family said...

Love how we talk over comments! ;)

The template I did myself. It involves a bit of writing, searching the internet...that sort of thing. Oh and lots of failure. I could try to explain how over email if you'd like!

Let me just tell you about this awesome house that I want: it is pretty awesome and totally out of reach right? I'll give you some ideas over email about would definitely be the time to buy right now, like last weekend actually.

Also, you are super talented. I'm jealous of your camera something serious. I would LOVE to actually take a photo that doesn't look like I have the shakes!

I can't wait for you guys to come back! Cute hair too, by the way. Don't I always say that? Haha!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

We've been to SLC twice this week and both times, total blizzards! But once we hit Price and Emery county where we live, blue skies and clear! We hardly get any snow here!