Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coming up for air...

Can you tell who is going to be the class clown?!! Hannah loves to make people laugh! It was fun to have all these girls get together!

Little girls in the tub!!

Caleb only complained when I told him that he had to take a break from the XBox, other than that he did pretty well surrounded by "all these girls!"

Levi and Grandpa

Last week we had a sister-in-law get together at Christi's house. It was chuck full of good food, sleepless nights, and lots of laughter! We were all packed in her house working on random projects and watching the kids run wild! Grandpa even stopped by an took the kids to give us a little r&r! Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of or cute projects!! I am so mad at myself for that! But I did get a few pictures of the kidos!

PS I have felt more sick than normal...I can barely get of the couch! It is horrible!! Anyone have any good remedies? I am willing to try anything!! I think that my kids are ready to have their mom back and my house would love a good cleaning! So I think that we ALL would love a really, really, good remedy!!!! Thanks for your help!
Good night! I am off to bed!! (sleeping pill kicking in! YES!!!)


Rachel Seren said...

Something that has helped me is taking a B12 pill it's totally ok during pregnancy and it helps me with energy and when I feel like I am going to throw up. I also always have something peppermint to suck on handy at all times that really helps when I think I am going to throw up. Unfortunately tired just comes with pregnancy. Since I don't have energy anymore since I am almost done I am making the most of sitting around by catching up on four years of scrapbooking and take breaks by playing board games with the kids. That way they get attention and I feel productive. Hope you feel better!

Brewer Bunch said...

I have no remedies to offer, only empathy!! I am right on the couch with you, girl!! How can we forget the awfulness that surrounds the 'miracle of life'??!!

Melanie said...

Cute pictures, that was a fun weekend. So, I want to help you out somehow and I was thinking that maybe one of these days I would come up to SL and take Caleb and Hannah somewhere fun for a few hours and you can have a chance to rest. Would that help at all???? I'll call you.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Hilarious, I just said can Caleb get you some Zofran?! I'm so confused...I meant Kurtis. Zofran is good stuff but it is expensive, think like 4 dollars a pill. Totally worth it though if you are miserable or can't do anything. :) Take care!