Friday, March 26, 2010

Its about to get crazy!

No wait, it already has! I have been in crazy town the past week and have totally neglected my blog. I have about a million posts just waiting for me to get to. Now back to the sweet boy Porter has been a little stinker. He STILL does not sleep thought the night and sometimes gets up 3 times! I hate to hear him cry, so I drag myself out of bed and make a bottle and feed the supposedly hungry boy. Kurtis thinks that we need to start cereal, I say "no way!" I HATE the baby food stage! Messy, sticky, a hassle, ect. So what do I do today? Yes, I bought the dreaded rice cereal and deep cleaned our disgusting high chair. Kurtis took on the job of feeding him his first meal...I hate to admit it, but he liked it. Now we will see if he makes it though the night. Tonight is the test.

{crazy #2} The kids are on spring break starting today! Aaahhh! Our trampoline (the best babysitter/energy drainer) is still at the doctor getting sewn up.
I love that thing...

{crazy #3} It is COLD!!! I have a friend that always say,"Minnesota will break your heart." And boy does she! We had a few nice warm 60 degrees days then, WHAM, COLD FRONT!!! Brr, its cold. Hannah has been asking, "When is spring, mom?" I just tell her I wish I knew. Wanna come visit?! ;)

I guess I will stop complaining.

And how can I post something with out a picture? Here are a few of Hannah all dressed up. She wants to be 22 for some reason. Don't ask me why she choose that age. She keeps asking me when she can get married. But she will NOT kiss her husband...that's just gross!

I ♥ this picture.

Oh,Hannah, don't grow too fast.

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The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

GORGEOUS pics!!! And hope your tramp gets fixed soon! And baby Porter too...eek!