Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Once so small

Porter is getting so big. He is now in 3-6 months clothes and 6-9 month onesies (oh, how it pains me to say it!) and is wearing size 2 diapers. He is a very smiley little guy. He loves to see Hannah act and sound like a monkey and have Caleb to read to him. His favorite song to hear is "This is the way baby rides, the baby rides, the baby rides....hum, hummm..." He also loves to have daddy come home and snuggle him.
I am taking him to the doctor this week and will post what his weight and height are then!

We love you Porter!

A few days ago we were riding in the car and Porter started to cry. Now, you have to understand that Hannah hates to hear Porter cry. So like always she stars frantically looking for his Binky. A second later while still looking for it, she says to me,
"Mom, I can't do this patiently!"

Oh, Hannah, how we love you!


Melissa said...

I LOVE your blog, pictures, kids, you, etc.... I miss you terribly but love that I can see you and your amazing talent! Congrats on Porter he is so handsome. Caleb and Hannah are just the cutest!

Derek and Christi said...

That is such a cute picture of Hannah and Porter. He IS looking so big! And I love your collage on top of you page! Everything you do looks great.