Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it is still winter?!

I know that I am going to have hard time with these next (long) winter months.  I always have hated the snow, cold, ice, bitter wind, and freezing temps, but it seems this year it has really gotten to me.  I can truthfully say that I loathe the winter months.  I am ready to go swimming, ride bikes, blow bubbles and play with sidewalk chalk.  Summer come save me from this winter insanity! 
To say the least my kids relatively like the snow, but lately it has been too cold to play outside. The snow here is not fun to play in because it is mostly made up of layers of fluff and ice.  So I thought that we would bring it inside and build little snowmen.  It was really fun and my kids got their creative juices flowing! 

We used glitter glue, colored water in a spray bottle (my kids fav winter tradition!) melty beads, baby carrots, and colored Popsicle sticks.   Now we wake up to these little guys staring though the window at us every morning!

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mnjacksons said...

such a cute idea! And Love your hair! so cute!