Monday, January 10, 2011

One day early

That is right, our family was just that special!  Santa came a day early to our house.  We made a special request to the big man and he came though!  The kids were so excited!  We spent all morning opening presents, eating butterscotch rolls, and playing with our new toys.
This year we bit the bullet and bought a xbox 360 with the kinect.  It turned out to be the best deal of the year.  We managed to get it for a fantastic price, which made it a little easier on our wallets.  The kids (Caleb) about fell over!  It was so fun to see their faces. 
The next day (Christmas) we flew out of Rochester to Salt Lake.  We then drove to Twin Falls to see my family.  It was SO much fun to see everyone.  I had a blast with my mom.  We shopped, crafted, watched movies, played games, ate yummy food (Cafe Rio!!!), and just plain chatted!  We even managed to get a family picture!  After a few days in Twin we drove to the Reed Cabin in Island Park.  They had a ton of snow and it was freezing...... not really my cup of tea, but we still had fun!  There was a lot of snowmobiling and game nights, and yes, lots of junk food!  After two days there we drove to Idaho Falls and spent time with the rest of the family.  More food, more games and more chatting!  (I came home feeling like a cow.)  We managed to get home at midnight Sunday night.
Long Story:  We got to Salt Lake to find that our fight had been delayed.  We then knew that we were going to miss our connection.  Which happened to be the last fight of the night. Once we got to MN we had to race across the whole Minneapolis airport to catch our connection and it truly was a miracle that we made it.  Thanks to a really nice employee who drove us in his speedy little car and then carried ALL of our bags while I pushed all our kids is a wheelchair to the entrance. Once we got on the plane it stood in line to be de-iced for a HOUR!!!  We finally took off and landed in Rochester 15 minuets later. (We could have walked home faster!)  It was one crazy long night.  We were happy to get tucked into our beds when we got home!  Here are some pictures from our trip! (I am sad that I don't have more) Thanks to all our family for traveling, cooking, planning, and hosting us.  We had so much fun with all of you!!!

 Porter eating Santa's left over cookies. 
While looking up these pictures I found pictures from Kurtis's phone!  I am so happy!

 On the plane!! Hannah was so excited! 

When we went to bed one night we discovered that the cat decided to cuddle up on Porters legs.... we all had a good laugh!
Gwen and Porter
 Derek, Kurtis, Christi

My man....need I say more?! (whenever I ride in this stance I feel like a complete idiot, how come he looks so good?!)

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Melanie said...

Sorry it was such a long night flying home. That's crazy! I'm glad you made your flight. Thanks for coming all the way out here.