Monday, January 24, 2011

When there is nothing else to do....

We have been trapped inside our house for way to long.  My kids are sick of the snow and the cold and have asked me one too many times when spring is going to be here. Hannah asked me today if Valentine's Day is in the spring.  She cryed when I told her no.  I feel the same way.  So to make the best of the cold and the snow we decided to play with water and food dye.  The kids had fun mixing the colors (getting it everywhere) in containers and muffin tin.  We then put it outside and waited until it froze.  Once it froze we popped the ice out and made ice towers with them.  It was fun and gave the kids something to do outside. 
Happy long winter everyone!!

 Hannah "kissed" the metal on the trampoline and ripped half of her lips off.  It was horrible.  She came running in with a mouth full of blood! I had no idea what happened until about a half hour later when she stopped crying.  We then had a long talk about not putting your mouth, lips, tongue, and what ever else she can think of on cold metal. I don't think that she will do that again.  Poor girl.  You can tell how painful it was for her to smile. 

This picture has nothing to do with snow, and it is really kinda creeping looking, but I had to post it!!  I found these nail stickers at Walmart the other day and just fell in love!  They are not hard to put on and you don't have to do any painting!! I have had mine on for 2 weeks and they still look great.  So if you are brave enough to go to Walmart then pick up some of these!  They have tons of other patterns.  I have zebra print on my toes!

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