Monday, April 25, 2011

my little helper

Porter loves to play in the dishwasher.  Putting away the silverware is a perfect job for him.  He thinks so too.

I know that it might seem that I am dead, but I am not!! Yay!  I am slowing coming back to life!  I had a VERY busy past few weeks!  Including: planning, buying, calling, and putting together all the food for our school carnival (will never do that again!) shooting a wedding, getting ready for and shooting my mini Easter shoot, taking care of a sick kid, and taking care of a whole herd of farm animals (just a few chicks and a bunny, but it felt like a lot more)! and that was just ONE weekend!!!!  I am now neck deep in editing!  Thank goodness for chocolate and skittles!  They never fail me on these late nights!  I have some really cute pictures from my Easter shoots.  I will post them soon.  In the mean time you know where I will on my computer..... editing, and editing! 

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