Saturday, May 14, 2011

cause you know in California there is somthing better for us all

There is just something about a girl trip that makes me just happy saying those simple two words.  In February (I know that was forever ago, I am slow!)  I went to LA(all ALONE!) to visit one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  Angela, Merissa and I had been talking about doing something like this forever....well it finally happened.  Merissa moved to LA do to a internship there and Angela and I thought we had to visit.  So away we flew, away from all responsibility, cold, snow, children, and husbands.   It was a trip that I will never forget and still dream about today!  You can tell, though these pictures that I was obsessed with anything that was alive and of course the food that we consumed, yum, I am hungry.  :)

We ate at The Ivy, which a is a popular (& yummy) restaurant where celebrity's go and movies are filmed.  It was decorated so cute! 

We also got our make up done at Sephora by a really strange man.  It was a blast none the less!

It was amazing to see all the fruit trees.  Merissa had a grapefruit and lemon tree in her backyard!  I brought my kids home some lemons. :)
  We went to the beach one afternoon.  The water was cold, but the sun and sand were so warm.  Nothing wrong with a little vitamin D.  Even if my hubby is a dermatologist!

If you can't tell by now, our trip was based around where we were going to eat next.  We also did a fair amount of shopping.  In fact one day we shopped for 11 hours!  It was a dream come true!! The shopping was amazing!!

For some reason I was obsessed with this picture.  Love the car reflected in the window, love the multicolored roof, love the vintage feel it puts off.  LOVE. 

The LA temple was huge and beautiful.  So glad we stopped to see it.  We went into the visitors center and were attacked my the sister missionaries.  They wanted all the details of our trip and how we met our "doctor" husbands.  It was funny!

Thank you Angela and Merissa for playing with me for those 3 short days!  Love you!


mnjacksons said...

Ah you are so nice. Love that trip. We have got to do more. Such fun times. love ya

angela said...

Let's do it again, RIGHT NOW. Love you girls.