Friday, May 13, 2011

she thinks she wants a sister

But I guess Porter will have to do! Aren't his earrings lovely? It was funny to see how still he was being. 

Hannah loves to get all dressed up and LOVES when other people notice how "beautiful" she is.  I think that I might be raising a vain child.  :)

Porter is obsessed with his "ball" shirt.  I asked him to show me his ball shirt and this is what he did.  Also, if you look closely you can see his ouchy on his baby finger.  Poor boy was just trying to keep with with his big brother outside.  Porters next love, next to any ball, is his Binky.  I think that I am going to have a hard time breaking that habit. 

Hannah likes to be little mother hen.  Porter is in the stage where he wants to do everything himself.  All the codling from his sister is not working for him.  I hate to admit it but the boy has a mean pinch.  Mean....
But after is is all said and done (and he is asleep in his bed) he really is a sweet little guy. 
All my kids are going like weeds.  I am so thankful for them. 

 Caleb is a really good helper.  He loves everything boys do.  He as become a very good reader and LOVES math!  Really, who is this kid..... I was nothing like him.  I have to admit that he is a lot like his father.  I know this pictures quality is horrible, but I had to post it anyway.  Just shows how sweet he is.  I would not trade him for anything!

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