Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And the award goes to.....

Since Christmas is just around the corner I have been asking myself the big question......WHAT am I going to get my kids?! I have always tried get them something that they will play with and LOVE ALL YEAR LONG but, I am afraid that I am out of good ideas.
SO I decided to ask you....all my faithful blog readers to help!
Here is my list of Christmas gifts that I got for my kids last year that they still love. (for all of you that are asking that big daunting question!)
1. Star Wars Lego Video Game.....I know a video game....but Caleb loves it and it is a nice reward to get after all his chores and homework and finished. Plus, it is an easy game to understand and control.
2. Talking Dora Doll House - I got our Dora house off of Craigslist. It came with everything at a sweet price of only $40! It was awesome. To make a long story short, the people I bought it from lived in the getto in West St. Paul. I brought a friend along because, you never know! Anyway, I am glad it did because when I got there there was BLOOD on the snow...yes, I did say BLOOD! To say the least I took the house and RAN!
p.s. I did clean EVERYTHING!

3. Darla Doll - If you are going to be buying a doll this year this is the one to get!! It is the best doll. She laughs when you tickle her feet, cry's when you touch her hand, say's "Mama" when you touch her cheek, makes sleeping sounds when you lay her down, and drinks from a bottle. I know what you may be thinking......"talking doll, no way!" But wait, she does have an on off switch and when she is on and making some noise it is QUIET! This doll is also cute and soft. You can find her at Toys R Us.

So there you have it! Now its your turn! Give me your ideas!

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Rachel Seren said...

My kids love anything playmobil. There isn't a huge selection in stores so I get them online. There is a lot of small pieces so they are only for older kids, but my boys love them.