Monday, October 20, 2008

Very Scary!

This past Saturday I took the kids to "This is the Place Monument" to enjoy some Halloween festivities. The kids got all decked out in Halloween attire way before it was time to go. So I thought that it would be fun to put a little make-up on them since we had the time.....and I was putting off taking a shower and of course, cleaning the house. Caleb wanted to go as a Pirate so I put some black eyeliner around his eyes, gave him an earring and a little goatee. It looked awesome! Later I got in the shower and put on my make-up.
Hannah: "Mom, you look REALLY SCARY!!"
Me: "Why do you think that?"
Hannah: "You have scary black eyes like Caleb does!!"
Me:"Oh...." *sigh*
Being a mom gives you such high self esteem!!


sarah said...

One day last year, after I spent the time fixing my hair and putting on make up, Kayleigh told me, "You look pretty like Caleb's mommy". I hope you guys are having fun in Utah!

Brewer Bunch said...

Kids are great for that self esteem boost when we need it most! Just today, Sarah was looking in the mirror and said, "Mom, I need sunscreen! I'm starting to get dots, and look like you!" (let's just say, she WASN'T meaning that as a compliment!!)