Friday, January 29, 2010

Growing up is hard to do!

MY BABY BOY is three months on Sunday! Wow has the time flown by!! He is just a little sweetheart and we all can not get enough of him! The kids and I will do anything to make him smile and coo. But really...look at this face!! Wouldn't you?!

I {heart} this picture!! I have been having so much to with texture. I never knew they could be so addicting!

Yes they match!!! How much cuter can you get?!

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Carolyn Hanson said...

Hey Jolene,
I found your blog off of Sarah Childs. CUTE pics! And CUTE baby! I was wondering if you'd want to take pics of my new little one when she arrives. I'm due March 10th. I'll be in touch! Hope you're staying warm.