Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy happy birthday!

I asked the kids a series of questions today to see what they really thought about Kurtis. Here is what they said!

What does dad do when he goes to work?
Caleb: He chops off peoples pimples, and other gross skin stuff.
Hannah: He helps people who are sick...skin sicknesses I think.

How old is daddy turning today?
Caleb: 30 years old, now THAT'S OLD!!
Hannah: 29 of course!

What do you like to do with dad?
Caleb: Play Lego Star Wars and football.
Hannah: I like when he plays games with me.

What is dad's favorite food?
Caleb: Crab, I know that he likes crunchy stuff.
Hannah: Salad

If dad would get anything for his birthday, what would it be?
Caleb: a phone computer, so he could look up skin things.
Hannah: Cake

What is your favorite thing that dad does for you?
Caleb: I like it when he helps me make my bed.
Hannah: When he prints out a coloring picture for me.

If dad was a superhero, which one would he be and why?
Caleb: Doctor Man!! Because he is a doctor.
Hannah: Batman- because he likes bats.

If dad could go anywhere for vacation where would he go?
Caleb: Yellowstone
Hannah: Go to the store to get more money.

What is dad's favorite sport?
Caleb: Golf
Hannah: All of them


Melanie said...

That is such a cute idea! Your kids are adorable and so so sweet. Tell them hi from me!

Par 5 said...

How cute! Tell Kurtis Happy (1 day late) Birthday for me! 30 really isn't that old...it's the new 25...right?? :)

Brad and Janae Jackman said...

Hehehe, that is so cute! I love your kids. I also LOVE your picture at the top of your blog with your three kids, so adorable!!!